Christiana Salah, Ph.D.

Professor Salah teaches English at Hope College in Holland, Michigan, with a special focus on British Literature from the 19th century forward. In addition to a passion for all things Victorian, her scholarship reflects a range of diverse interests, from children’s and young adult literature to disability studies to film adaptation. Across all these areas of inquiry, a common thread is her desire to understand the experience of women in different times and places, and to push back against a popular view of gender norms as having once been more simplistic and clearly enforced than they are today.

The title of this blog is a nod to Dr. Salah’s obsession with governesses, the subject of her current book project. Like Edward Gorey’s governess,* her pursuit of this quarry through archive, adaptation, and ever more obscure textual reference grows daily more erratic.

*Source: The Fatal Lozenge, a 1960 adult alphabet book by Edward Gorey.